Monday, February 11, 2008

Masturbation story

i have this sudden URGE to write about masturbation ;)

do u remember the very VERY FIRST time you masturbated?? be it accidentally, curiously or purposely. haha! i guess your eyes just rolled up trying to recall that missing piece of memory.

i remembered mine so clearly because i did something utterly SILLY. okay the story goes like this. I was in Form One that time. No one can deny i am as innocent as an angel (in school) i used to think sex is "A Man and a Woman Sleeping Together" and POOF!! magically they get pregnant. i remember my mom talking to my relatives. she'll go like.. "Babies are God's Gift" she skipped the sex part. anyways back to the story. guys in my class would gather around and talk about things which i have never heard off. Sperm, Masturbation, "Sperm is BLACK", Cunt, and many, MANY more were constant words flying across the classroom. even the girls talked about it. stuffing water bottles up their pussy??? i was like.. YUCK. furthermore, i was LOST in this foreign channel. people would constantly ask me "hey do u masturbate?" my innocent and truthful answer would be "No, what is that?" then they will just start laughing and go "aww soo innocent"

anyway, a few months later my curiosity started to linger and i stored up enough courage to ask this PARTICULARLY NAUGHTY guy "Hey whats with the MASTURBATION thing? How do you do it?"
without hesitation, like a sifu he PASSED his knowledge to me. i remembered exactly what he said.

"Tonight, you go to your parent's room. Lock the doors. Get yourself hard and stated moving your cock UP and Down. Then, something will happen. HEHE..............."

That night, as i was showering, i suddenly recalled what he said to me. i got HARD. his voice started to play over and over again in my head. UP and DOWN. FINE, I'll do it!!!

UP, and DOWN, UP, and down............................

1 minute passed by.....

and i didn't feel anything! weird. because.................. i did it wrongly...... SIGH..

the funniest thing was i actually MOVED it up and down like how you change your gear or how u move your game joystick!! instead of STROKING your cock up and down. OMG~~ EMBARRASSING!!! yet hilarious thinking about how silly i can be.. XP

Finally, i figured it out. i STROKED it SO FAST and HARD, eventually, i climaxed and had my first orgasmic blast. i was STUNNED, with my heart still beating wildly. i was afraid. but it was THRILLING. HEHE! oh ya i was so terrified that the guy would ask me about it so i pretented to have a headache and skipped school the next day. guess what? it FELT SO FUCKIN GOOD, i DID it again. and again. i have to say, the feeling is AWESOME ;) till now.


Lets spice things up here a little. ;)

eh! don't we just loveeee dicks? its the most amazing thing in the world! it dangles like a ding dong in between your legs, some people have big ones, some people are average and some have tiny ones some have none. ;P

What names do you have for dicks? hmm. i know quite a few- Cock, Penis, Prick, LanJiao, JiaoJiao, KukuJiao, Sperminator, BirdBird.. anymore??

RANDOM things you can do with a dick:
-Show it on webcam
-Let someone oral you
-make it soft and hard and soft and hard.. again and again..
-feel an orgasmic BLAST
-make people horny
-flick it here n there after you pee

erm and the list goes on..

eh do u guys experience erection in the morning when you wake up?? i do! all the time! i call it the MORNING GLORY. wahahha. its pretty annoying sometimes especially when someone knocks on the door in the morning to wake me up for class. i'll need to walk to the door hugging a pillow so my cock can't be seen. BLEH. or when im trying to pee when i am hard, i'll have to sit on the toilet seat and force it downwards and start pee-ing REALLY REALLY SLOWLY. oh ya i tried pee-ing when i am hard, standing up. the result is like a WATER FOUNTAIN. HAHA. you can even give yourself a GOLDEN SHOWER ;)