Sunday, May 31, 2009

Colleen's Bday @ Damansara Perdana

i am lazy to make my fingers start a massive dance so.. yeah here are some pictures! thanks lynnie for the party~~ xoxo

Friday, May 29, 2009

What Won't Kill You, Makes You Stronger

As i stood by the balcony overlooking the view of Mutiara Damansara, admiring the Saturday morning breeze pecking my cheeks.. I took a sigh and firmly grip my cup of coffee to assure that moment is real. I silently congratulated myself. "Ryan Wong, you've made it through"


Going through industrial training, was something that i foremost feared since I've singed up for my Culinary Course in KDU College. All my brain could produce was ways to skip training. When it was finally time to start my industrial training in Royale Bintang Hotel Damansara, i started off optimistic and willing to get off my high horse and learn what does hardship meant. Perhaps i was too fragile mentally, physically and emotionally that i deteriorated after one and a half month. All i wanted to do was to quit and run away. I did consider the fact the two years i've spent in college wasted just like that. Worst yet, the impeccable amount of money my family had to spend on me for this course, set aside the drive and time my Dad had to sacrifice when i first started out college. I only thought of them as not taking a step in my shoes, feeling my pain. but have i on theirs?


When i announced that i was quitting, words of advise started pouring in from various parties I've consulted. some supporting, others objecting. somewhat to a point that i was caught in between, with no direction. I clasps my hands and pray for guidance every night. "What won't kill you makes you stronger" was a moving advise that a fellow colleague gave to me in the walk in chiller on a particular graveyard shift.


Anyway, as a treat my dad agreed on my idea of renting a suite for a night. so yeah. the result was pretty good. but my birthday celebration was still the most awesome time i had ;)


Here are some pics..

The nice view from the room balcony

we were bored. and when im bored, i get naughty.

0-0-7 Biang.. ahh!!!

shopping for soft drinks and snaks in tesco

dinner at Little Penang Kafe

Chasing the evil away from my room

What lies behind the sliding door is a hot guy i brought back from Frangipani. i wish... haha..

Thanks Eddy, Sherry, Ian, Jackson, Edmundior, Paul, Cassie, Carter, Kaze, Ezen, Jason, and Alex for being there for me. love u guys.! xoxo (did i miss out anybody?)

People..... i have a confession to make... for once in my life.. i CROSSED DRESSED... i was changing and trying on clothes for club.. and i came across edmund tan's swimming shorts.. and then... i sort of.. got inspired...... paul suggested i made the outfit sexy like how jessica simpsons did... and this was what happened......................

as you can see, this is the hottie Jessica Simpsons.....

PRESENTING..... Ryan Simpsons.. all im missing is my sexy boots.. so im going to change the song to..

"These boobies are meant for watching..... jiggling its what it'll do.....
one of these days these boobs are gonna *pop* in front of you....."