Sunday, January 11, 2009

All i can do is keep breathing

It has been my 11th day of training in Royale Bintang, The Curve. i have not slept since 11 last night. it is almost 3pm now. wow. haha. coffee.. well... 5 months of hell in the kitchen. i really, really regret taking up Culinary Arts. i admit this is the biggest mistake i've made TO my life. i feel so sorry for myself. i feel so pathetic.

but all i can do is keep breathing. well tonight is going to be the 5th night of my overnight shift (11pm-7am) im slowly adapting to working in this hotel though as i've made new friends who are willing to help me through. hmmm.. so far they scared us with some ghost encounters while working the night shift. initially i wasn't really afraid but.. today... i was alone in the kitchen.. i remember my CDP (Chef De Partie or wtv) saying he saw "something" pressing the combi oven. i have pretty good imagination.. so yeah.. the dancing apron being blown by the blower hanging beside the door really sent chills to my penis.. ahem.. it shrinked.. or shrunked..

anyway. i really really miss my friends. i saw their facebook pics. seems to be so happening. wish i was there too :(

all i can do is keep breathing...

oh ya Marc, if u are reading this, hi.... hahahaha..