Saturday, June 27, 2009

Market yourself

It is 3.57am now and as i typed, the rain just started pouring and hitting the ground like a rush of a thousand heartbreaks. this is exactly what i'm feeling now.

well i just came back from club. Marketplace to be exact. as i was driving home, i feel so.. pathetic. why do i keep making myself present at these places? i honestly asked myself why and my truthful answer is that i want to look for love. but... is a club really the place where you meet your prince charming? oh ya apart from that, i realized that i go there to test my market. seriously. who wouldn't enjoy being the eye candy of the club.

Marketplace is indeed a prudent name as i think its a place to MARKET yourself.

What drawn me to go to club in the first place was because of my dear friends with a pinch of curiosity in myself. the thrill and excitement of being set eyes on. people checking you out. being admired.. the feeling of being attractive.. is so poisonous yet u keep craving for more..

anyhow, i think im going to be hiatus in the KL gay scene and focus on my career, family and overall future. sigh. oh ya i have to specifically mention KL gay scene because i am going down south to Singapore next weekend!! woohoo!! i heart SG. muakss..

sorry i know this post is pretty pointless but i just feel the need to type it out. and i still really miss this very handsome guy i saw in club just now. he is the epitome of what attractive means. i wish to see him again but i hope the next time, i won't be admiring from afar..

Ryan Wong

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A lover's concerto and Love Paradise by Kelly Chen

i like this. used to listen to these a lot especially when i was being a wussy emo boy in love... despite countless shattered relatinships, i still believe that special someone will be in my life eventually.. you may find the lyrics to be really chessy and corny but....


i love this picture. for once i look FIERCE like Teyona cycle 12 winner. go SEPETS!! (small eyed)