Monday, August 4, 2008


The Sudden Plan..
Recently Nate* and I decided to visit our dear Eddy who is studying in Singapore. He comes back to KL once a month but this time we decided to pay him a visit :)

On The Bus..
Nate and i sampat-ed on the bus. we can just blabber non stop all day long as usual =P

The Arrival
Talking nonsense really made the trip seem short you know.. we could see Eddy standing by the side of the bus....... with his SHORT shorts, GLAMOROUS Marc Jacobs Shades and nevertheless his freaking nice Gucci Bag. lovely~

we got down from the bus and *group hug-ed* haha

oh ya IRONICALLY, Nate and Eddy were wearing the same top from TOPMan and their SHORT shorts were exactly the same. ahem and they also had brand new white Puma shoes on. what the hell... talk about coincidence head to toe :S

i got my first MRT Card!! its called the Ezi Link card. huhu. so yeah we headed to Eddy's crib in Aljunied or something.


THE CRIB, finally...
*AHEM* Eddy's crib in Singapore was a total contrary of his house back in Sunway :P so nice and cozy and really clean............

he even cleaned the house really thoroughly a day before we came. really appreciate his great hospitality. I miss that place even more now. haha.

The "journey" begins....

anyway it was a Saturday afternoon and we were hungry. Eddy took us to this Beef Hor Fun near his condo which taste so damn good. hmm after that we went to some places like City Hall, Raffles City, and Bugis for dinner if i am not mistaken. we wanted to have a nice dinner in Jazz something as recommended by XiaXue the ubber cool blogger. but it was pretty late already as we wanted to CLUB. huhu!

oh ya Ed's house mate, Natasya or also knows as Ade had dinner with us! she is Indonesian, just 14 and i think she is so bubbly funny and cute!! hahaha. Nate thinks she is really adorable too!

"gigik bangat??"

Funny Memorable moments number one...

after makan-ing we went to jalan-jalan. Nate and i were leading the way as we were so fascinated by the sea of stalls at the main entrance. it was like a food fair. as we were walking, we could hear eddy bursting out laughing and we turned back to see what happened..... :P

apparently Ade's flats SNAPPED and she was walking barefooted and holding the pity lifeless flats on one hand!! =P LOL it was crazily hilarious. they went to get a new pair of course, which i think matched her outfit even better that night. eddy has good taste? haha. perhaps



"P L A Y"
There was already a queue as we reached the club. we were kinda tired and sweaty after walking from the station to the club. what happened to those fairygod gayfathers.? sigh..

As usual, being gay, my eyes just scanned around :) no one caught my attention yet.....

Ryan's Radar Analysis:

Atmosphere: i love that is it a non smoking club. Quite stingy in spacing :S Overworked in the UV lights because wherever you go, anything white turns neon purple INCLUDING YOUR TEETH AND EYES. freaky~ can u imagine when you dance and someone tries to smile at you and all you can see is a purple glow? like pontianak..... LOL

GuyWatch: A mixture of young and middle aged group. that night, we spotted a few guys wearing cap and they were really attractive! one of them even tried to approach Nate but i guess he was too chicken =S i think my market that night was not bad also just that i think i attract wrong people all the time. bleh... oh ya and there is also this other guy wearing a brown Abercrombie shirt. he is so cute especially when he smiles and dance!! Eddy and I were kinda going gaga...... XP *DROOL ME A RIVER BABE*

SoYouThinkYouCanDance? : aiyyer.. no match for Eddy and Nate . they OUTSHINED :)

"Fashionista": everyone dressed nicely :) which is great

FrequentMirrorCheckers: the toilets are quite clean but i love the full walled mirror in the cubicle. you can see a million of your penis while you pee :)

Freak'OMeter: yes a few. one in particular is a total FREAK. despite telling him i already have a boyfriend back in Malaysia, he still tried to hook up with me as if i am stupid. the GROSS-est thing was when he freaking licked my ear. more like tongued my ear. really disrespectful and rude. excused myself and went to the toilet and rinse my ear. I WISHED i had some Holy Water that time. anyway we saw him again in the food stall later. this time he targeted Nate. argh. get a life.

Musica: i like =D

The Devil's Nectar: the Cranberry Vodka we got was really infused with Vodka.! so generous..... ;)
water is free

CoverCharge: 15SGD

AgeRequirement: strictly 18 and above. they check each and every individual wei...


im so tired now. so yeah.
PART 2 will come soon with pictures... because i need to BLANKO Nate's face. he is tooooo CHIO thats why. hahaha