Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bubble Tea Boy

"Bubble Boy"

argh.. i get really offended at heart now when my friends in college calls me that. well the reason of the new nickname is because i'm running the freaking bubble tea stall in the college. its sort of our assessment thingy for our last semester before heading for practical training. its a 8 weeks semester and i hate it.

initially the first few days i sold around 20-25 cups. the following week the average was 30-40. third week average was 55-70 and this is the fourth week now and today i hit a new target of 85 cups even on a Thursday.! i'm really proud despite being so freaking tired. its from 7.30-5pm everyday until November 28th.

anyway....... i think my "cute-ness" helped a little. some of them talked to me and i made new friends. last week there is this group of friends buying bubble tea and suddenly one of the girls said to me "he is trying to kao you ha ha ha...." shocking how straight forward people can be. the next thing i know, they all added me up in facebook. haha! they're really friendly.

today my market was not bad.. there were people who wanted to accompany me for lunch. totally random. asked if i am having lunch alone.. where.. what time.. "my friend wants to have lunch with you.." i already took a mental video of those rare moments because i felt really appreciated..

hehehe so happy.. at least there are happenings instead of standing there and rot....

ego boost today. hehehe...

oh ya of course i kap zhai while working! the cafeteria is the best place for it :) omg fark fark fark so far there are two or three guys that caught my eyes. one in particular... i just can't stop channeling myself into him.. really tuned into him.. he is awesomely cute and sexy... a smile so sweet.. yet manly.. blessed with a nice body frame.. tall.. small cute eyes... he is sort of the way hotter and upgraded version of me i reckon.. i managed to main mate with him ;P
totally mesmerized to the extent i was willing to postponed my lunch time just to admire him.. he is THAT worth it..

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tagged by ShuYi

this is a tag by ShuYi . she want to embarrass me i think..

18 weird things about me :

1. when i clean my belly button shit sometimes i get fascinated by the smell although its gross.! hey shaddap stop laughing i know YOU do it too. its just an unspoken truth..

2. i like to go into toilets with no partition in between urinals

3. i MUST push the seats back to place after leaving the table. even my friend's chair. i will arrange everything back into order

4. i brush my teeth twice to make my lips look more pouty

5. i never wore underwear until i was 12

6. i love those Sister's crispy popiah. drooling now thinking of it

7. when i was young my favourite thing to draw were Swans and Mermaids

8. i used to sneak downstairs to watch Sex in the City on HBO when i was 11

9. when i was 11 or so, sometimes i would skip school when the Astro Guide states Men's Body Building or Swimming on the sports channels the next day

10. i read Cleo, Woman's Day and many more since i was 10

11. i used to think sex was when a man and woman sleeps together. i didnt know about the penetration part

12. i like guys with goatees

13. when i was young i would fill up the bathtub, get in and cross my feets into a fin form and pretend i was Ariel in The Little Mermaid (haih i can't believe im revealing this. haha.)

14. when i drive i tend to think about everything more than usual. sometimes i would end up crying suddenly because im stressed

15. i would wipe the chair first before sitting down on it

16. i can't shit when there are people around! malu to come out

17. i am not good with directions. i can go through the same road many many times yet, everytime is like the first time passing it

18. i can't look directly at sharp objects like knives, blades, car antena, helicopters, ceiling fan etc. its like a phobia because i saw my dad's forehead got sliced by the ceiling fan before when i was a kid. so yeah. i feel like those objects are piercing my eyes.

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