Monday, June 18, 2012

A New Journey

Each time i look back at my old post, i laugh at my immaturity XD Well, a wonderful chapter has been written and lived. A chapter filled with much warmth and bitter sweet memories had made its way to the end. Perhaps this chapter will have a sequel one day, but thank you Ben for your love you showered upon me. It was a rough, pillow drenched 10 months trying to get over you. But the pain you caused is pain no more. The false hope you gave me is better off dead. I finally had my closure unexpectedly. All the puzzles finally pit perfectly. The truth hurts, but the lies worst. You changed into someone i don't know. But I will always treasure the memories we once had, only the good ones... *By the way, don't listen to Adele after a breakup. it made things worst. pfft. great singer , wrong timing!!