Thursday, November 27, 2008

oh me my ma

my blog is so hollow and sexily quiet lately. haha. i have so many things to blog about yet i can't seem to express it in words. what happened to me?

anyway.. im so glad my bubble tea days are over!! huhu.! hmmm i got eccepted to do my training in Royale Bintang, The Curve from 2nd January until 2nd June. crazyness. its going to be hell but heck.

oh ya tonight i plan to go to club69 for some Fashionlicious Party. i don't know what it is about but Ian and I are going anyway. haha. tomorrow i have a college dinner at La Meridien Hotel and after that my college mates are going to party~ but i think i'll pass because i don't think i'll join because i don't enojoy their presense. bluwek.

Nick's FRESHLOOK competition finals is going to be on Saturday in Pyramid Mall!! looking forward to that and his victory. wahahaha..

my plan for sunday is still..not filled up.. but im sure it'll be filled up as EDDY is coming back!! huhu!!!!!! (but hope he is not too busy with his new guy Vincent. they were self jodohi in my birthday party)

oh ya im going to 1utama soon to shop for winter clothings. going to Korea on the 13th December until... i don't know when. but i think i'm just going to window shop. ahhhhhh.. seriously broke after my birthday party. oh ya after Korea there might be another holiday trip to SINGAPORE to spend Christmas i think!! OMG im excited. but still broke....... oh ya talking about my brithday party, it was a BLASTTTTTTTTTTT kaBOOMMMMMMMMMMM.... thanks to each and everyone present and my beloved Boylicious for helping me make my 19th birhtday so so memorable and still a hot topic apparently. haha! i'll update a post on my birthday party soon.

well i think i'll run now. bye everyone.

Sunday, November 2, 2008