Saturday, August 20, 2011

Benjamin My Love. Day 4.

20/8/11 Saturday, 10.39pm

After writing my last post, it was already 7.22am . I was ready to get some good sleep as I had half the day off. Was planning to go Jaya One for some bazaar and art thing with Cassie and eddy. I woke up at 11.40am in a state of shock, thinking I was late for work. After a few second I realized OMG Ryan it is your freaking morning off!! I then took a peek at my phone in the midst of drowsiness and saw a text from my aunt asking me to go to work. Like seriously, WTF!!!! I only had 4 hours of sleep!! I went to work anyway. Sigh. That's the thing if you're working for your family. No share profit yet but the responsibility is agonizing. I almost died at work. I need to quit this job and get my life back.


Dear baby,

How are you? You know, I woke up in shock and when that happens, I usually will get a headache, which I did and it lasted up until now. I miss you. I was so surprised you called me at around 12pm when I got to work. We texted awhile and I can feel that u miss me very badly too. Anyway as harsh as it may be, we agreed not to call or text each other for 2 days. Until we meet on Monday. Can't wait!!!! U actually used Baby in your message. So happyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Glad to know that u still love me very very very much. Like doh.....
Sorry I'm a little rude right now. Just very cranky because I'm very tired. I'm going to call it a night now.

I love you Flyboy

Lots of love,



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