Monday, August 22, 2011

Benjamin My Love. Day 6.

Tuesday, 23/8/11, 3.49am

After much anticipation, I finally see you face to face. We talked. We quarreled(as usual). We laughed. We rolled eyes. We smiled. We hugged. But the decision still remains the same. Deep down inside we know one day we will be back together as lovers. We shall leave that to fate. But at the moment we are officially apart. No more a timeout. We will still remain in touch. It will be a painful process but we have to be strong for each other.

You requested me to make you two promises

1. Quit my job and live life to the fullest.

2. In time, find a new partner.

I will elaborate more in my next post. I'm just too tired and sleepy now.

I love you baby :) we both sure did have an awesome time together today.

Forever and ever love,


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