Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dear Cupid,

Exactly two years ago I wrote to you in this blog. Asking for a lover. Or more like complaining how you sucked at your job. Well, you gave me more than I expected. You sent me an angel. His name is Benjamin. I fell head over heels for this guy. He was simply charming in every way. A smile so sweet and a laugh that makes you forget you were having a bad day. His eyes were beautiful. They can look right through your soul and tells you a story in return. Simply mesmerizing. His hands fit mine perfectly. His voice was from the choir of heaven. His kindness towards others were admirable. Always willing to help without expecting anything in return. He loved me for what I am. He accepted the flaws I had and rejoice in my good qualities. I knew instantly he was my soulmate. This was the first time I was so sure of myself. Whenever I'm with him, I feel warmth, secure, and loved. Thank you Cupid for giving me this chance to know such a remarkable guy. Though we are separated from each other now, he will always, always be in the most cherished area of my heart. I will continue loving, caring and supporting him from afar. Though our pillows will be drenched in tears, the feeling of missing each other, the love we once had will never cease. I love you Benjamin. I love you.



~大头~ said...

being long time never see you post anything in this blog.. but i still keep it.. found the one.. the only one guy.. =)
Congratulation.. =)
keep the passion of love with him.. hope you stay happy yea... keep posting.. =)

Kyoro a.k.a BigHead..

J-RYaN said...

Thanks for reading Kyoro :)